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VIGOR Shopping Bags

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The products at Flexotech Inc. are of massive use and are developed with technologies that allow us to reuse material while achieving high-quality standards.

Our Shopping bags are a great example of the above, creating a great Oxo Biodegradable solution for all types of businesses that distribute various products and/or commodities.

VIGOR Shopping Bags

We are aware of the environmental issues and concerns that Plastics cause people of the world and the efforts government and private entities are exerting in addressing them. As part of our social responsibilities, we join the fight for environmental protection by producing and promoting the use of Oxo Biodegradable bags and films. Also, by recycling material for re-use that would have otherwise been left to naturally break down in the environment over a very long period.

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Our shopping bags are Oxo-biodegradable (6 to 18 months), the use of metal salts in our recipe allows for faster degradation while maintaining the bag’s integrity. The bags are easily customized; Dimensions, Artwork (up to 8 colors), thickness and color can all be adjusted to Customer needs.
These bags can be used in all kinds of industries from Supermarkets to Nonprofit entities

Boutique Bags

These bags can be done in both high and low-density plastic. They differ aesthetically from T-shirt bags; instead of two handles on the top like the T-shirt bags, there is one handle. Also, there is usually a fold at the bottom of the bag to help it maintain its shape. They can be produced in various colors, shades, and sizes.

These bags can be uses in all kinds of industries from Supermarkets to Non-profit

Clear, Printed and Nonprinted Plastic Bags

Our clear bags are low-density plastic that can be used for a wide range of products; the thickness shall be determined by the purpose of the bag. The thickness makes the bags suitable for different temperatures and gives different preservation properties.

These types of bags are highly customizable not only by dimensions and thickness but also the shape. These bags can be printed on if desired as well. They can be used for bread, vegetables, ice, sweets, etc.

Clear or Coloured Tubes

This is a great solution for business and industries who manually pack different items with different dimensions that share the same conservation needs, as well as for those who have packing machines. These tubes are usually cut at the length required for the item being packaged at the time and can be adjusted for a bigger or smaller product. These tubes came be vacuum sealed and are commonly used for products such as mattresses, pillows, Icicles etc.