Products & Services

We take pride in using quality raw materials, the collection of polyethylene bags and packages that we produce are available in various colours, shapes, sizes and designs in accordance with the specifications of our clients.

Technical Film

We manufacture various types of technical films printed for primary and secondary packaging, serving industries that have automatic packing equipment. We work with structures in Polypropylene (PP), Bio-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), Low Density Polyethylene (PEBD) and Polyester (PET) with or without lamination.

Our current technical film production are use as Rice Film Packaging, Flour Packaging and Sugar Packaging. Such material and technic can be used to produce packaging for liquid milk, powder milk, Pasta, sauces.

Industrial Supplies

We also produce plastics that are meant to be use by industries as a labor supply.

Vigor Stretch Wrap

Rolls of a flexible plastic use to wrap around Goods that need protection while transporting or moving from one station to another.

Vigor Shrink Wrap

Rolls of a thermo-resistant rigid plastic use to wrap around Goods that need to be pack together. These plastic contracts when applying heat at it holding the Good tight together.

Vigor Construction Plastic 

Long sheets of Low-density Plastic of a high caliber, the sheets are to protect mainly construction materials from the weather.

Shopping Bags

We are aware about the environmental issue and concern that Plastics meant to the world community and the efforts government and private entities are rising in pro to diminish the contamination caused. As part of our social responsibilities is to create the most products we can Bio-degradable and to include in our production recipes a good and right amount of recycling material that allow us to re-use plastics and do not affect the quality of the new product.

All our shopping bags are 100% Oxo-biodegradable (6 to 18 months), the use of metal salts into recipe give sooner start to degradation and speed up the process. The bags are easily customized Dimensions, Artwork (up to 8 colors), caliber and color can be all adjusted to Customer needs.

These bags can be use in all kind of industries from Supermarkets to Non-profit entities.

Boutique Bags

These bags are done in a high-density plastic but have particularities concerning the aesthetics of the bag. Instead of handles on the side as t-shirt bags; the most common is finding geometric forms to create a include-in handle in the layout of the bag; this is denominated clown mouth. Also Gussets at the sides or bottom to maintain the shape of the bag. Variation different than structure could be the colors, shades and visual of the color being Matte or Bright appearance.

These bags can be use in all kind of industries from Supermarkets to Non-profit entities.

Clear Plastic

Clear Bags

Clear bags are a low-density plastic which are use for a big range of products; the thickness shall be determine by the purpose of the bag. The thickness makes the bags suitable for different temperatures and give different preservation proprieties.

A lower caliber will conserve better products that need the least heat possible to last longer therefore a higher caliber will be suitable for low temperatures to prevent the content of the bag from cold frostbite.

These types of bags are highly customized not only by dimensions and thickness also the shape; gussets, handles and Artwork inclusion make of this Low-density plastic a Packaging solution to a lot of products.

Clear Tubes

This is a great solution for business and industries who pack different items with different dimensions but share the same conservation needs. The tubes are cut at the length required for the item packing in the moment and can be adjusted for a bigger or smaller product. Is the most practical and common for vacuum seal package.

Vigor Garbage Bags

Garbage bags was the first product Flexotech Inc decided to produce under an in-house Brand (Vigor). After these products was develop decision to produce other items under the same brand was made and Shrink, Stretch and Construction Rolls were the result of such decision.

We currently produce 4 sizing of garbage bags; only one out of the 4 is produce in a lower caliber than the other. Due the thickness and size of these SMALL Vigor garbage bag it is use is meant for small spaces such as bedrooms, house bathrooms and offices.

Medium and Large sizes are suitable for medium size business, family house and offices that contain a larger (4+) amount of people working with them.

In the case of our Jumbo Vigor Garbage bag which is out biggest presentation; is meant for industrial use, all big companies whose waste is vast and/or food related industries. This last industry requires of strong garbage bags to contain liquids and juices coming from the food without creating spillage.