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What type of materials do you offer?

We work mostly with Low Density (LDPE) and High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.

HDPE is more rigid and has a crispy feel to it. An example is the shopping bags given at supermarkets.

LDPE is more flexible with a silky feel to it and if your product is for food packaging; the type of LDPE that we use is safe for direct contact with food. We also have technical films which are a combination of materials; these are used by packing machines that form the bags as the product is being packed.

Which is the more expensive?

HDPE has a higher price compared to LDPE.

If two bags are made, one of each material, with the same color and thickness the HDPE would be the stronger of the two. The LDPE would be more aesthetically pleasing and in the case of clear bags, it would be better for displaying the product within.

We do some additional options that are less commonly used, we’d be happy to help you choose.

How Do I Become a Customer?

That’s simple, just call our sales department or visit us with the information about the product you would like us to make. This includes:
• The type of material you would like your product to consist of. Eg. High/Low-Density Polyethylene
• The colour of the bag itself; we currently produce clear, white, black, yellow, and blue.
• The dimensions of the bag or film.
• The thickness of bag or film in Microns (um).
• A sample of the image you would like printed onto the bag (if any).
• A sample of the bag if we are recreating an existing product or perhaps as an example of what you would like to have.

If you don’t have all the information, don’t worry, once the sample is provided we can test to determine your needs, or a sample of our existing products can be reviewed.

What Are Your Prices Like?

Since a great portion of our products is customized there is no standard price per product. Once the bag or film’s information is received our sales department will input the data into our pricing tool and respond to your query with a quote.


Note that prices can vary at different intervals within the year dependent on fluctuations in raw material cost, overhead costs, etc.

Do you have a Minimum Quantity for Order?

Yes, we do. These are as follows:

Non-printed Bags: 10,000 Bags

Printed Bags: 20,000 Bags

Technical and Non-Technical Film: 1 Ton (1000 kg)

Note: We do have some in-house products like garbage bags, pound bags, construction plastic, etc.; since these, we mass-produce and keep in stock they can be sold per thousand, per pack, or per roll, dependent on the product.

Do you have a return policy?

If a product is found to be beyond our tolerances and cannot be used Flexotech will investigate; this will require samples to be sent back to us for testing. Once the claim is validated an offer of a replacement or a credit note will be made.

What is P-Life?

P-Life, short for “Programmable Life”, is an additive that allows manufacturers to custom tailor the life of every plastic product they make, without compromising a shred of performance or functionality. When added to polyolefin polymers, such as polyethylene (PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), P-Life creates molecular scissions in the polymer chain, allowing oxygen to bond to the polymer and break it down into smaller and smaller compounds, which can be naturally consumed by microorganisms, which convert the compounds into organic biomass. This results is a plastic product that will begin to degrade in a few years (or even months) after its use, instead of thousands of polluting the earth for centuries.”

See for more information.

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