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Flexotech Inc.

Flexotech Inc. is a polymer Manufacturing Company that offers products in flexible plastic packages to a range of industries in Guyana as well as the Caribbean market.

Established in December 2016, Flexotech Inc. started their business with Mr. Paulo Melo via GSAT CONNECTION INC. which was at that time distributing plastic film from Brazil and Peru in Guyana and Suriname.

After recognizing the size and potential of the market for not only plastic film but for other flexible plastic products, especially for printed material, GSAT CONNECTION invited NAND PERSUAD COMPANY LTD, who is one of the biggest suppliers of packaged rice in the Caribbean Market, to become a partner. Also they invited Mr. Luciano Gama who is well known in flexible plastic production in Brazil to be the Operational Manager.

Initially, the company started making bags, wraps and plastic films from imported resin, but the future process will recycle plastic and produce their own recycled resin, as well as produce Biodegradable plastic products.

who we are

Our Merits

Customization of product to meet customer needs. Since we produce most of our own film as well as print on them, the possibility of customizable films and bags are great.
Easily Accessible
The organization is easily accessible to customers. Our customers can visit us at anytime if they are local and with the capabilities of current technologies at our disposal even those in the Caribbean and abroad can easily reach out to us.
Double Production
Possesses the capacity to double production. With the expandability of our facilities and the plans for investment, production is expected to increase greatly thereby allowing us to better serve our customers.
Customer Satisfaction
Commitment to customer satisfaction. With our quality management system, we are continually striving to exceed our customer expectations and improve our standing in the sector.
Future Orders
With our current capacity we can retain up to 10 tons of film in reserve for future orders.

We Have The Best Experts
To Tend To Your Needs.

Access to specialists in the manufacturing of packaging and the actual packing machines and processes. Flexotech Inc. works with various specialists in making the packaging but also, we can connect our customers with specialists who are able to help with their own packing equipment.