Choose the Best Packaging for your Product!

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Choose the Best Packaging for your Product!

Flexotech Inc. is a polymer Manufacturing Company that offers products in
flexible plastic packages to a range of industries in Guyana as well as the
Caribbean market.

Flexotech Inc. has joined the fight for environmental protection!

We produce and promote the use of Oxo Biodegradable bags and films.


Choose the Best Packaging for your product, Choose Flexotech!

To produce commercial plastic packaging with safe and excellent processes; guaranteeing sustainable business practices and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We are continually striving to exceed our customer expectations and improve our standing in the sector.

To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service with a loyal client base throughout the CARICOM single market.

We aspire to continually raise the bar of customer experience, provide the highest value of products at the best prices and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis!

Flexotech Inc. is a polymer packaging manufacturing company that is committed to meeting, satisfying, and exceeding its customers’ and interested parties’ expectations.

This policy provides a framework for setting our quality objectives, through the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system and best environmental practices, we ensure continuous innovation and improvement of our products.


“The recognition for the flexo T-shirt and shopping bags and the big game-changer- packaging for rice and flour- could have never been more evident after the company accepted a major award.

During the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association annual awards event, the Diamond headquartered Flexotech copped the President’s Award in recognition of the company’s critical role in providing flexible packaging support to the manufacturing sector.”

-Kaieteur News.